About Designer

YIKA Home is like a big family where our designers worldwide can learn and communicate on an equal footing. Multiculturalism, we believe, is beneficial to human growth, freedom, and enjoyment. Under the theme of the era of peace, we are willing to contribute to building a community with a shared future for mankind.

Individual Values

YIKA Home appreciates each designer's individuality. The value and price of the designer's works are often not equivalent; however, YIKA HOME gives the designer full freedom to play as per his interest composition. Overall, YIKA HOME is a fantastic platform that gives designers both financial and spiritual wealth to match their creativity.

Craftsmanship Spirit

Innovation: Our designers will continue to be inspired by the life and will constantly update our items to give our customers a refreshing experience. Concentration: The YIKA team's focus is evident in the creation of each product, and we are committed to establishing a presence in the international home furnishing industry. Lean: The designer aims for excellence and the pursuit of the ultimate in every product, whereas the manufacturer focuses on and pursues the best in every process. Altogether, under the guidance of this spirit, YIKA team has been able to achieve the best design and produce high quality sturdy, and durable home products.


Our designers devote close attention to the smallest elements in life. They actively listen to people's experiences and gather feedback on what makes life at home better for them to continuously improve our design.


In the YIKA team, we present to customers the products named by the designers themselves. Each product has its own unique soul, and many of them reflect the designers' creativity, endurance, emotion, and desire.