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About Shipping

It will be shipped within 5-7 days after you place the order. The product is large in size and is expected to arrive in 30-40 days. Some products are stored in cooperative overseas warehouses and are expected to arrive in 10-15 days.

Our product pricing does not include shipping, regardless of size, you will need to pay $30 for shipping.Free shipping on orders over or equal to $500

Our products include taxes and fees that have been paid in advance at customs. You do not need to pay taxes and fees twice after payment; if you encounter customs contact and are asked to pay taxes, please contact our customer service for help

Sorry, our products will be delivered directly to the address you need to deliver through the responsible carrier, and will not be shipped to your PO BOX

When your goods arrive, a logistics company will contact you to receive the goods and require your signature. Affected by COVID19, there may be a sign-in service, please consult your local logistics company for more information

Yes, if you need expedited service, please contact us.

Returns & Refunds

We will provide different compensation schemes according to the degree of damage to the product:
1. A slight bump which will not affect the use. We recommend that you keep the product and we are willing to bear the appropriate compensation.
2. The product needs to be returned to the designated warehouse when there are serious bumps which affect the appearance and use. And the product will be re-issued for you (the return shipping fee of the product will be borne by yourself); or if you keep the product, we will compensate appropriately.
3. If the product is completely damaged and cannot be used, please return it to the warehouse, we will resend the product for you or give you a full refund (the product needs to be returned, and the return shipping will be borne by yourself)

1. If you do not want to get the product after the product is lost, we will give you a full refund after confirmation
2. If you still need the product after the product is lost, we will expeditiously reissue this product for you

In this case, please provide a picture of the product; we will reissue the product for you after confirmation.
1. If you do not need to reissue the correct product, and need to cancel the order and refund, please return the wrong product to the designated warehouse (the shipping fee will be borne by yourself). After receiving the product, we will give you a full refund
2. If you need the correct product, we will reissue the product for you. Please return the wrong product to the designated warehouse (please pay the freight first, and we will refund the cost to you by way of refund)

About Order & Products

We will operate your order for you according to different situations
1. The order has been placed but not shipped, you can change the order and cancel the order
2. The order has been placed and shipped, and the package is in transit, the order cannot be cancelled and cannot be changed. If you need to add other products, we can arrange delivery for you
3. The order has been placed and has been delivered. If you need to replace the product or cancel the order, please return the product (the freight will be borne by yourself). After we receive it, we will arrange a replacement or a full refund for you.

After the product is shipped, you will receive an email about logistics information, and you can check it through the link provided therein. If the package information has not been updated, it may be that your package is in transit or undergoing customs inspection. Usually, it can be updated after 3-5 days. If there is still no new information, you can contact our customer service for detailed information.

Most products are parts that need to be installed and need to be assembled by yourself; product instructions will be attached to the product package; sorry, we do not provide installation services for the time being

Other Questions

The actual size of our product is the same as the size in the product introduction, and there will be no wrong version. If the size does not match, please contact our customer service for help

This site has security measures in place to protect against the loss, misuse, and alteration of the information under our control. All orders are transmitted over secure Internet connections using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption technology. All of your personal information, including your credit card information and sign-in password, is stored in encrypted format at all times. This website, and more importantly, all user information, is further protected by a multilayer firewall-based security system.

We do not provide maintenance services at this time. Within 30 days after you receive the product, if the product is damaged or malfunctions due to non-human reasons, we will replace it for you free of charge

We use mainstream carriers like Fedex, UPS, DHL, etc.

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